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"With courage, you can overcome any hardship. Tired sayings like that don't provide much comfort in reality. All I could do was sit quietly and be thankful for my own, sad life..."

Yoko Suzuki is a former Umbrella employee and a survivor of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. A "self-proclaimed" university student with good computer knowledge, Yoko has a quiet, reserved personality. However, the strength of her inquisitive mind emerges with a surprising toughness, making up for her absentmindedness brought on by thinking too much analytically.[3][excerpt 1]


Yoko portrait

Yoko Suzuki

Born in the United States, Yoko is the daughter of Japanese immigrants.[4] As a teenager, Yoko was hired by Umbrella USA and worked at the NEST, headed by Dr. William Birkin.[5] Her specific role in the company is unknown, but she was familiar with both the Hunter and Tyrant Projects.[6][7] In 1996, Yoko donated tissue cells for use in t-Virus research.[8]

Over time, Yoko became a burden to the staff, with fellow employee Monica describing how she got scared and ran away.[9] Dr. Greg Mueller operated on her to wipe her memory of working at the facility.[10] It is possible, however, that Yoko continued to work for the company in a more legitimate capacity, as she continued to wear an employee uniform for two years.[11]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident[]

In September, 1998, Raccoon City's drinking water was contaminated by a modified Epsilon strain of t-Virus, resulting in tens of thousands mutating into zombies. On 24 September, Yoko entered Jack's Bar as usual, and began cutting her hair in the women's restroom. There, she was attacked by a Zombie trying to grab her through a vent.[11]

Little is concrete about Yoko's exact whereabouts after her escape from Jack's Bar. Some reports suggest that she ended up fleeing the bar only to find herself in the Licker-infested, and burning Apple Inn, with fellow survivors David King and Alyssa Ashcroft on the night of the 24th. What is known is that, by September 27th, she found her way back to NEST with Alyssa and fellow survivor George Hamilton. Entering through the train tunnel for the Galaxie 5000, she runs into Monica on the platform, who shoots at her believing that she too was after the G-Virus. Monica then takes Yoko's Umbrella ID badge for her own use. Yoko was able to reach the top of the facility, where a train was located, but found herself confronted by "G", which had killed Monica along the way. Though she took the train out of the industrial zone, she could not escape the city itself.

During her experience of the disaster, Yoko slowly regained her memories of the event and, by the time the city was destroyed on 1 October, she understood everything. After escaping Raccoon City, Yoko went on to testify against Umbrella in court during the Raccoon Trials together with Dr. Linda Baldwin, a researcher whom she met at the Umbrella R&D Center.[12]



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