Further notes
"Quiet and shy, this young girl is prone to bouts of uncharacteristic bravery. She has an inquisitive mind and holds many secrets. Physically weak, and with the lowest vitality of the cast, Yoko makes up for her shortcomings with her slow infection rate, dodging, and large inventory. Good for beginners."
— Yoko's description from her file in Outbreak Revisited.

Yoko is the slowest character in the game and is also the character with the lowest amount of health (1300 HP). To compensate for this both of her special abilities are defensive in nature. Her first special ability is "Escape", which is a sudden dodge that allows her to crawl away from danger as well if the button is held down. If not done in a good timing, her escape move can still get her killed by the Thanatos, Hunter R, Zombie Lion/Zombie Lion and Tyrant R instant death attacks, although her Charm in File #2 counters this. The move also has the interesting property of doing damage to enemies at extremely close range. In File #2, AI-controlled Yoko will often employ this tactic if she has no weapon to use but also gains her second ability under the same circumstances, which is called "Push Away". It allows her to push back weaker enemies (such as zombies) but only does negligible damage to more dangerous foes. It can be charged to build up power, and if not, it will be used together with Escape.

Yoko can be played in-game with her NPC Umbrella researcher outfit (Yoko:Z). She will spawn a health of 3000HP (unlike her 1300HP), but she has an even slower running speed, and her virus infection rate is higher.

Gameplay as an AIPC

Yoko will stay close to the player, following him/her staying several feet away. She would rather defend the player (Cindy, David, Kevin and Alyssa players) than herself.


Yoko is the only Outbreak character to have a more traditional Resident Evil Inventory; i.e. she can hold up to eight items like characters from past Resident Evil games.

Personal Item: Knapsack

Yoko's Knapsack lets her carry four extra items of any size in her Inventory, somewhat giving her the role of a mule in the group.

Extra Item (Outbreak File 2 Only): Lucky Charm

Yoko's Lucky Charm boosts her stats (And of anyone who is carrying it), and will prevent instant death from attacks that would do so normally while it is in her Inventory.


This is a list of quotes of Yoko in File #1's Collection.

  • Hey there!
  • What can I do?
  • Somebody hear me!
  • Hey, are you alright?
  • I need your help!
  • We have to go.
  • Come on!
  • Here.
  • I refuse.
  • Wait for a minute...
  • Good.
  • Sorry, but...
  • No way...
  • I'll be right there!
  • I couldn't go any faster.
  • Good, you're alive.
  • Run!
  • Thank you, you saved me.
  • I may not make it...
  • I'm not so good.
  • Please, open the door!
  • Be careful, anything could happen!
  • I have to use it wisely.
  • Kevin!
  • Mark!
  • JIM!
  • George!
  • David!
  • Alyssa!
  • Cindy!
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