Further notes

"Is there a secret hiding inside me? [...] If so, I can't run away from it. This is... Finally something hopefull. I have to see this through to the end. "
Yoko's Remain Hopeful ending.

"I remember this scene somewhere in the back of my mind. My vision turns to red... debris flying everywhere... was it a premonition? The truth I tried to find is now in the smoke. "
Yoko's Regretful ending.

"I was ready to accept anything, so this conclusion is not a surprise. The rest is just going to die slowly... "
Yoko's Chopper Zombie ending.

"As the town faded away, my memory came rushing back to me. All of it. There wasn't time to wallow in despair and self-pity. Nor I had the right to. It was my time to act. This was my fate. There were many tasks that remained. Tasks that only I could complete... "
— Yoko's ending in End of the Road.

"I feel really fulfilled now. There's plenty of stuff for me to do. And it won't be easy... but I feel I'm really making progress here. "
— Yoko's epilogue in End of the Road.

"The escape ladder won't work, yo!"
Hellfire level[1]


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