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Yoshiaki Hirabayashi (平林良章 Hirabayashi Yoshiaki?) is a Capcom programmer; writer and producer who has been associated with the Resident Evil franchise since 2002.


Hirabayasi worked as a motion capture engineer for the remake of Resident Evil[1] and as a Scenario writer in the Script department for Resident Evil 5.[2] As a producer for Resident Evil 6, Hirabayashi wrote a message to Resident Evil fans regarding Jill and Claire's appearance in the game; his referral to "other great characters" suggested that they would not appear.[3] Hirabayashi later in 2014, presented several update videos of the Resident Evil HD Remaster on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel.[4][5]

Hirabayashi asked fans following the official Resident Evil Facebook page under the name "H", what their thoughts were on the matter of a Resident Evil 2 remake, then relaying his findings to Capcom's R&D Division 1. He officially announced the Resident Evil 2 remake on August 12, 2015 in a YouTube Video, several weeks after asking the fans.[6]

Resident Evil resumé[]

Taken from MobyGames' entry on Yoshiaki Hirabayashi:


Further notes[]

  • Resident Evil 2 was his first game in the series, it was also the first PlayStation game he played.[8]
  • When asked what his favorite memory of the original Resident Evil 2 was, Hirabayashi stated "I love Ada."[9]
  • His "fun fact" at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 was that he "has a pet rat named Kevin Jr.".[10]
  • Hirabayashi appeared at the 2019 Taipei International Game Show to showcase Resident Evil 2.[11]