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You're So Gullible is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon B scenario.


Annette Birkin: "You... you murdered my husband! I know what you're looking for! You came for the G-Virus, didn't you?! But you'll never take it from me! This is my husband's legacy! Now, where is that spy you were working with earlier? You know who I'm talking about."

Leon S. Kennedy: "What?"

Annette: "You really don't know anything, do you? Hahaha... you're so gullible! She is one of the operatives sent here by the agency! The only reason why she came here is to obtain the G-Virus!"

Leon: "That's a lie."

Annette: "No, it's the truth. I discovered this when I did a background check on her. She specifically got close to John, and became his girlfriend to get information about Umbrella."

Leon: "That can't be! I know her. Ada wouldn't do something like that."

Annette: "If you don't want to believe, then I don't really care. You're about to die anyway..."

Annette Birkin:「よくも夫を! わかってるわよ G-ウィルスが目当てね でも 夫の遺産を簡単には渡さないわ! 所で・・・ 一緒にいた女はどこに? お仕事中かしら?」

Leon S. Kennedy:「何?」

Annette:「あんた 何も知らないの? おめでたいわね! あの女は ある組織の工作員よ G-ウィルスを奪うために送られたスパイさ!」


Annette:「本当よ ここで情報を引き出して分かったわ 研究員のジョンに近づいて― アンブレラの情報を盗み出していたのよ」

Leon:「そんなバカな! 彼女はそんな女じゃない!」

Annette:「そんな事はどっちでもいいわ お前は もう死ぬんだから!」


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