You Won't Be Missed is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 5 of Leon's Story.


After finding all the dead BSAA agents, Leon and Helena are surprised to see Simmons has returned. Ada arrives in her helicopter, and Simmons yells what seems to be confused rants at her as he yells the C-Virus has become stronger thanks to Jake's blood. As Simmons starts to mutate again, Leon coldly tells Simmons that he better have dead friends, as there is no-one living that's going to miss him.


Leon: "Back for more?"
Derek C. Simmons: "I know what you did, Ada! You disobeyed me! You took Wesker's son away! You used that bastard's blood... to make the virus stronger!"
Leon: "Hope you got friends on the other side, cause no one's gonna miss you here."

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