You killed William! is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Claire A scenario.


Claire Redfield: "Annette!"

Annette Birkin: "You killed William! I'll never forgive you for that!"

Claire: "Wait!"

Annette: "I've just prepared a sample of the G-virus. And this time, no one will take it from me! This is the most significant piece of research my husband has ever left in my hands."

Claire: "Stop it! Sherry is in serious trouble! William implanted her with his embryos. There is no telling when they'll pupate! And if that happens, then Sherry won't... won't..."

Annette: "What?!"


Annette: "William!"
"W-William... you're alive..."

Claire Redfield:「アネット」

Annette Birkin:「よくもウィリアムを・・・ 許さない!」


Annette:「私が作った"G"のサンプルよ もう誰にも渡さないわ 夫の残したこの偉大な研究を今から私が受け継ぐわ!」

Claire:「やめて! シェリーが危ないのよ シェリーが宿主にされてもうっほとんど意識がないわ このまま放っておいたら シェリーは・・・」



「ウィリアム 生きてたのね・・・」


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