You must save her is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon B scenario.


Claire Redfield: "Leon, you made it!"

Leon Scott Kennedy: "Claire, is that you? Where are you?"

Claire: "I can see you on the monitor. But nevermind that right now. Leon, you have to go back and get Sherry for me. I left her in the security office. Please, you must save her!"

Leon: "Wait a second! What're you gonna do? Where're you going?"

Claire: "I still have a few loose ends to take care of. I'm counting on you!"

Leon: "Hello? Claire, are you there? Claire!"
"The security office?"

Claire Redfield:「レオン 来てたのね!」

Leon Scott Kennedy:「クレアか 今どこに?」

Claire:「モニター室よ それよりお願いがあるの シェリーを連れて先に逃げて 警備室に残してあるの もう時間がないわ!」

Leon:「待て 君はどうする?」

Claire:「私はまだやる事があるの 頼んだわよ!」

Leon:「おい クレア 待て クレア!」


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