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Yu En is the grandfather of agent Shenmei and soldier Jun Shī and is the head of a conglomerate in Shanghai.[1]


Yu En had two grandchildren named Jun Shī and Shenmei, who are went on to be in US Military services.

After The Mad Dogs Squad manages to get Jun Shī out from the Penamstan warzone, Jason contacted him, using his status and connections, Yu En managed to smuggle him out of the country and to his family's mansion in Shanghai where he lays in a vegetative state and heavily disfigured. Since then, he has been trying to figure out how to remove the virus that was eating him away.

In 2006, Shenmei goes to her family's mansion after escaping from a safe house, she is guided in by secretary Hao Ran, where she sees her grandfather telling a story to sooth the bed ridden soldier. After Shenmei tells the truth to Leon, Yu En hands over to her the chip that was embedded inside Jun Shī used to record and watch the vitals.

The mansion is then bombed with his secretary crushed by the debris, Yu En spent his last moments hugging his grandchild before it ultimately kills them.


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