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Yuki Mayu was a Japanese gravure idol who took part in the program Idol Survival.


Early life and modeling

Yuki was a highly popular gravure model in Japan and became something of a media icon. Despite her fame, Yuki developed trust issues with people, who were willing to believe rumors about her bribing people with sex by seeing her attractiveness as proof in and of itself.[1] In either late 2013 or early 2014, Mayu met the young cameraman Takeru Tominaga, whose infatuation with her almost cost him his job when he fell over during filming.[2]

Sonido de Tortuga Incident

In 2014, Mayu joined the cast of Idol Survival, a competitive reality-game show hybrid where models from across the world were to compete in survivalist trials and treasure hunts. Mayu was unaware however that this was a setup and that the Season 4 producer,[3] Mike D. Seaman, was in fact an agent of Shén Yà Pharmaceutical, a Chinese company with interest in salvaging Umbrella bioweapons research. The show had in fact been carefully arranged so that the contestants' deaths would be seen worldwide.[1]

The cast and crew of Idol Survival landed at the island on the White Castle yacht the day ahead of the main filming. Mayu and several others explored the island's interior, finding a village run by a shaman, who terrified her by killing chickens in front of an audience.[2] That night, the models celebrated the start of the show with a party, which gave Mayu the chance to see more of Tominaga, who had also been assigned to the show as a cameraman.[4]

In the morning, the games officially began, with the contestants running into the jungle followed by their respective cameramen, Mayu being paired with Tominaga. The two quickly realized something was wrong when they found another contestant, Coco, injured. Mayu was then kicked over by Kylie, another contestant, who stole the items she was collecting for the game, then ran into a harpoon-wielding bioweapon, "Morio", who impaled her in front of the two.[3] Mayu became momentarily hysterical, but came to thanks to Tominaga and ran down a cliff to get away from him.[5][6] Tominaga saved Mayu from the creature's grasp by challenging him to a fight while she hid in a tree.[7][8][9] Thankful for her rescue, Mayu opened up to him about her trust issues, as someone she finally could trust.[1]

Yuki Mayu witnesses Kylie's demise

After finding food Mayu gave Takeru her headband as gratitude for protecting her from danger, but soon after this she saw a zombified Kylie behind him, and he was surrounded by zombies and were forced to take shelter in the cave.

Mayu comforting Tominaga

Within the cave, they discover even more zombies, and the monster they escaped, who survived the fall. Mayu managed to find flammable barrels they could use against zombie and harpoon-wielding creatures. After a short battle with the undead, Mayu and Takeru escaped the cave and met another idol named Zǐlì, and then Laura Bierce and Brown Anderson.

Soon, Brown Anderson succumbed to the infection and forced Takeru to kill him. At the same time Morio, who tracked them down, appeared out of the jungle, and survivors fled after seeing the BSAA helicopter. They stumbled upon Claire who was fighting Morio. Morio killed the entire squad, including two pilots, and BSAA agent Parker Luciani sacrificed himself so that others may flee.

Mayu alongside Claire, Zǐlì, Takeru, Inéz Diaco, and Marilou Mabou, walked into the abandoned facility, where they met the shaman, who revealed himself to be Dirk Miller, a researcher seeking the key to immortality and working on the Kodoku Project which aimed to obtain a viral sample from the strongest, last surviving specimen. Miller unleashed Morio against the survivors but soon was attacked by Zǐlì, who was working for Shén Yà. Zǐlì strangled Miller and used his eye retina to gain access to the lab, killing him by bashing his head against the computer screen. Zǐlì then proceeded to seemingly kill Morio and synthesizing the virus from him, as he remained the strongest specimen after killing the other mutated contender, and also holding survivors hostage. However she did not notice zombified Laura behind her back and was bitten in the neck, both women fell deep into the facility, Zǐlì was heavily injured from the fall, forcing her to inject herself with the synthesized sample. Afterward, Mayu unties Takeru from his restraints, and the survivors witness Zǐlì's mutation. Claire then ushers everyone to escape using Zǐlì's rescue boat, they escaped the facility with the help of Marilou who points them the way out. They managed to reach the surface, hearing gunshots.

The Survivors then witness the Shén Yà Operatives killing and stacking zombies on top of one another, realized how armed the squad is, they wouldn't hijack the boat so easily. They are then found by the 2 Shén Yà mercenaries who orders them to surrender. After Mayu saw the corpses of their former contestants, she burst out crying just by the sight alone. Claire attempted to negotiate them with information regarding Zǐlì's location but instead, they forcibly take Mayu and Marilou to torture out of information. 

Suddenly, Zǐlì arrived at the beach albeit in a mutated form, and begins to mercilessly slaughter the squad, using the attack as a distraction, the survivors then board the boat to arm themselves with weapons. They attempted to start up the boat but is interrupted by Zǐlì. She then grabs Marilou and begins to torment her, Mayu, and the others attempted to free her from the creature. Marilou's screams caused Morio to rush over to save her. The two then began to fight, using the opportunity Takeru managed to free her from Zǐlì's grasp, Claire then shoots the rocket launcher at the two killing Morio and severed Zǐlì's head.

The BSAA chopper then arrives to evacuate the survivors, taking the injured ones first. Mayu and Takeru visit Marilou telling her how her brother managed to protect her and save them. Marilou tearfully thanked them and Mayu began to hug her for comfort. The two then reminiscent how they survived but the crew didn't, they started to wonder if they could ever survive such a nightmare. Mayu tells Takeru how great of a captain he was and the two began to hold hands. They then board the helicopter ready to leave but was shocked to find that the pilot is killed by the now still-living Zǐlì.

Zǐlì then attacked the group with her sharp tentacles. BSAA agent Hendrick instructed the two to stay on the helicopter while he went to deal with the threat. Hendrick was nearly killed and Mayu despaired telling him that they are the only two-person left and no one was coming for them but she was given hope by Takeru who tells her that they almost succeed in getting out of the island. Zǐlì then bumps into the helicopter and is given chase by the creature. The Shén Yà Operative is able to grab Takeru, he then instructs Mayu to run away as far as she can but she refused, telling Takeru not to give up, she then cuts him loose. The two then began to work together into forcing a grenade into Zǐlì's mouth using a machete, finally killing Zǐlì.

The two managed to escape the explosion using the trap at the beginning of the shooting. The two then began to embrace and kissed each other as the nightmare is finally over. They are relieved to see Hendrick who is still alive. Back in Japan, Mayu and Takeru began to date and form a serious relationship. According to Claire Redfield's report, the two became instant stars upon their return.


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