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Yuri Lowell is a person who was caught up in the transdimensional conflict between the forces of Ouma and Shinra. A member of a guild called, Brave Vesperia along with the princess, Estelle. He was caught up in the interdimensional shift while investigating the tree in Halure.


Fury Sparks

Yuri and Estelle was investigating the occurrence in which the monsters in Terca Lumireis was unusually aggressive. Estelle stated that Flynn is also trying to investigate the events, but is unable to get in touch with him. Estelle senses the great tree in Halure is behaving strangely. Shortly after, they are transported to Fujisakura tree where Sanger was guarding. Upon awakening, Yuri initially thought they were in Halure's great tree, only to be proven otherwise by Estelle. They are greeted by the appearance of Sanger, who thought they were bandits. They try to convince him otherwise but to no avail. Sanger challenges them to a fight. After trading blows, he is convinced that they are not bandits. They are then intruded by various creatures. The tree decides to eliminate them until the spawn of Adephagos, the evil entity from Yuri's world, makes an appearance.

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Further notes

  • Yuri Lowell first appeared in Tales of Vesperia.
  • In Project ✕ Zone, he is paired up with Estelle. In the second game, he is paired up with Flynn.


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