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"Zǐlì" (written as "紫麗", pronounced as "Julie"; real name unknown) is an agent hired by Shén Yà Pharmaceutical. In 2014, she posed as a gravure idol to participate in the reality show Idol Survival. Her mission under this cover was to collect data on bio-organic weaponry after Shén Yà had discovered an Umbrella laboratory on Sonido de Tortuga Island. She eventually revealed her true colors and became the final antagonist of BIOHAZARD heavenly island.


Introduced as a gravure model and one of the participants of the Idol Survival show, Zǐlì was first seen asking for a fellow model named Coco. She was then aboard the yacht of Mike D. Seaman where she was forced to bare her breasts for his enjoyment. As she was doing this, they heard a sound from within the yacht. Upon going below, they found that the engine room had been trashed.

Some time later, Mike and Zǐlì infiltrated the shrine that belonged to a Shaman who was feared by the superstitious local population, killing guards along the way. Upon entering the shrine, the pair discovered a four-armed creature called "Schraube Dämon" and two women, Marilou Mabou and Inéz Diaco. The shaman appeared and unleashed the creature against the intruders. Mike was killed, but Zǐlì escaped when Marilou and Inéz distracted it.

Zǐlì's true objective was revealed when Claire Redfield and the group of survivors led by Takeru Tominaga discovered the abandoned military facility where Dirk Miller (the true identity of the Shaman) was working on the "Kodoku Plan", a plot to create a new viral bioweapon from the "perfect specimen". Zǐlì infiltrated the facility and killed Miller. When she was confronted by the survivors, Zǐlì managed to overpower both Claire and Takeru with her amazing fighting skills.

She then hung Takeru over a high stairway and began beating him with a metal pipe, explaining that she enjoys torture. Before she could inflict any serious damage, a zombified Laura Bierce grabbed her from behind and bit her on the neck as they fell over a railing. Having managed to synthesize a sample of Miller's virus from the harpoon-wielding mutant nicknamed "Morio", Zǐlì injected herself with it as she and Laura plummeted into the depths of the facility.

Mutated Zǐlì.

While Claire's group confronted a squad of mercenaries sent to Sonido de Tortuga to acquire the viral sample, Zǐlì returned, having mutated into a giant monster. The mutated Zǐlì slaughtered the mercenaries before fighting Takeru and Mayu. As she grabbed Marilou with murderous intent, she was unexpectedly attacked by Morio, who was thought to be dead after being synthesized for the virus. During the fight, the harpoon-wielding creature's mask fell off and Marilou realized it was her mutated brother Eliseo, who was captured by Dirk Miller. As the two creatures fought, Claire grabbed the rocket launcher and fired at both Morio and Zǐlì, decapitating the latter and killing the former.

Zǐlì surviving the rocket launcher shot as a living head.

As the first helicopter departed carrying Claire, Parker and Marilou, Zǐlì revealed herself, having survived as a severed head and impaled the B.S.A.A. pilot. She attempted to impale Takeru and Mayu but was forced outside by B.S.A.A.agent Hendrick, who managed to cut off her tentacle before passing out due to stab injuries he sustained during the battle. Zǐlì was then confronted by Takeru armed with only a machete and one grenade, but she was attacked by Mayu from behind, who picked up the machete after Takeru had dropped it. Takeru managed to escape her grab, throw the grenade into her mouth and hid in nearby pitfall that he had dug in preparation for the Idol Survival show as the monstrous Zǐlì exploded.

Skills and Abilities

Initially, Zǐlì displayed no abilities beyond what would be expected of a gravure idol. However, she has a wide range of abilities as a Shén Yà agent, including combat training and stealth. Some of her assassination tactics were shown when she's assisting Mike in killing guards, via neck snaps and poking eyes out. Her abilities allowed her to kill Dirk Miller using only wire and handily disarm Claire Redfield before hurling her across the room.

After mutating herself, Zǐlì gained drastically enhanced physical abilities and a bevy of natural weaponry; fangs, claws, and multiple tentacles armed with bony blades. She also displayed the ability to survive as nothing but a head following Claire's attempt to kill her and Morio with a rocket.