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Zapping‏‎ is a gameplay mechanic in Resident Evil 2 which allows the player in their first run to affect how things play out in their second. The concept emerged late in Resident Evil's development, and was reconsidered when production on Resident Evil 2 was restarted in Spring 1997.[citation needed]

Resident Evil 2[]

In Resident Evil 2, the zapping system only appears once the game is replayed with a different character, for example, the actions done as Leon in "Leon A" will affect the game's event in the "Claire B" game. There are a total of nine "zapping" instances in the game:[1]

  • "Unlocking" Brad Vickers (Special Key) - Unlocking this in "A" will also unlock it on "B".
  • The fate of Marvin Branagh - If killed in "A", he will not show up in "B" - but if spared in "A", he will appear in "B".
  • Taking the S. Machine Gun and Side Pack - Whichever item is picked in "A" will not show up in "B", both can be picked as well.
  • Cord usage - If the cord was used in one of the hallways in "A", it will remain safe through "A", but in "B" zombies will eventually break out of the windows.
    • If the cord was not used in "A" then both hallways will become dangerous earlier in "B".
  • Alligator spawn - If the Alligator was not killed in the sewers in "A", he will return in "B" If he was killed in "A", he won't come back.
  • Vines in Sleeping Quarters A - If the vines were not burned out in "A", they will appear in "B". If they were taken out in "A", they will not show up.
  • B.O.W gas in the Laboratory - If the gas was turned on in "A", enemies will become weaker in "A" only. In "B", the Plant 43 will become poisonous due to the prolonged exposure to the gas.
    • If the gas was not turned on in "A", Plant 43 will not become poisonous in "B".
  • Access to the B4F culture room - This room can only be entered in "B" but only if the character in "A" entered their fingerprint in the B5F computer room.
  • Costume usage - If "A" was beaten with an alternate costume, this will be reflected during the "B" scenario, where the "A" character will show up with the same costume.