Zoe's call 4 is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Ethan gets to Zoe's trailer.



Zoe Baker: "You made it. You're the first I've ever seen make it this far."

Ethan Winters: "So, what is it you need me to do? Is it gonna help me get outta here?"

Zoe: "Yes, now listen carefully, Ethan. My family and I... our bodies are contaminated. I can't leave the property unless I get it out. Same goes for Mia."

Ethan: "Is there a way to get it out?"

Zoe: "We need the serum. It should clear whatever this stuff is out of the body. As long as you're not too far gone."

Ethan: "Alright, so where is it?"

Zoe: "If I knew where one was, I'd already be long gone. But I have a feeling my mother has hidden some inside the old house somewhere."

Ethan: "So if we get this thing, I can help Mia and we can get outta here?"

Zoe: "Right, and so can I. The old house is near the water—you can't miss it."

Ethan: "Alright."

Zoe: "I just hope you can handle my mother."

Ethan: "Your mother?"

Zoe: "Be careful. They'll be lookin' for ya."

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