Zoe's call 5 is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Ethan finds the altar on the 2nd floor of the Old House.



Zoe Baker: "Well? Did you find a serum?"

Ethan Winters: "I just got done dealing with your mom and her fucking bugs. Wish you coulda warned me."

Zoe: "Sorry about that. What about the serum?"

Ethan: "Haven't found any, but I did find out what we need to make one. A D-series head and an arm. This can't be right..."

Zoe: "A head? I think I have that around here somewhere."

Ethan: "You do??"

Zoe: "I don't know about the arm, though. Have you searched the whole house?"

Ethan: "No, not yet. I still need to check the second floor here."

Zoe: "Alright, check it out. Meet me at the trailer if you find it."

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