Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Zombie appears in BIOHAZARD heavenly island.

These unique Zombies have proven to be different from a standard t-Virus infected Zombie. They were encountered by TerraSave agents Claire Redfield and Inéz Diaco on Sonido de Tortuga Island during a viral outbreak. They are related to Dirk Miller's research in the Jǐn Dú Project.


They were created by a mutated strain of the unidentified t-Virus variant derived from Eliseo Mabou. Infection was also transferable via bites or scratches. They suffer from skin putrefaction and cataract milky white eyes and typically ignored serious bodily harm, giving them an undead appearance.

Zombies possess superior strength to humans. This was most evident when Coco, despite the absence of an arm, was still capable of grappling a man and Grace effortlessly attacking Matthew Espinosa while he struggled uselessly to escape.

These Zombies have demonstrated effective coordination in the ability to swim and climb difficult surfaces as shown when they followed a group of survivors onto the yacht, White Castle. They also have acutely sensitive ears able to pick up sound that humans were not capable of hearing.


These creatures move in slow shambling gaits with sudden erratic bursts of speed when provoked.

Unrelenting, they can stalk their victims far distances, even through dense foliage and other obstacles in their path. Despite their bodies putrefying and perchance loss of entire limbs, some zombies were found in a cave showing human-like senses of touch and even pain, agonizing upon being burned.


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