For the creature of the same name, see Zombie Dog.

Zombie Dogs (ゾンビ犬 Zonbi inu?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is notable in its localized form in confusing the Zombie Dog with the Cerberus.


The Cerberus is a B.O.W. created by administering the T-Virus to a large Doberman. This creature, given the code number MA-39 by researchers, is extremely violent. In response to the virus, its skin is severly decayed, although its speed, jumping range, endurance, and aggressiveness are considerably heightened. It retains the group dynamics of its species and is skilled at attacking a single target in groups.




<poem> Dobermans who underwent special training and were zombified by ingesting food contaminated with the virus. Although the effects of the virus has corrupted the skin, the zombie's decline of physical ability is not seen. Therefore, its very high attack power and agility are combined. However, the biggest threat is the hunting dog's instinct to attack prey as a pack.

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