The Zombie ape was a rejected design for an enemy for Resident Evil 2.[1] The story behind it, as suggested in the Archives, was that a number of local animals (including horses and zoo animals) were infected, with apes being such victims. However, they were scripted to make their first appearance in the game by bursting out of an Umbrella truck in the RPD's parking lot, suggesting that they were instead bio-weapons undergoing transportation. More apes were to appear in the laboratory, dropping through ceiling panels from the ventilation ducts.

Although the creature model and AI were finished, they were cut from the final product when Capcom re-built the game from scratch.[2] It is interesting to note that, while the Zombie Ape has a tail in the concept artwork, its in-game model lacks one, effectively making it indistinguishable (aside from being much bigger) from the Eliminator, a B.O.W. monkey.

It tends to attack with its fists. One attack it uses is a hook punch. It also does an overhead hammer smash similar to the attack T-103 uses.



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