Zombie attacks the deputy (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Leon S. Kennedy pushes open a door to see the Deputy and an unknown man grappling near the wall. Leon asks if the officer needs help, but as he turns to respond to Leon, the man pins the Deputy to the ground and tears out his throat. As he looks up at Leon, it is clear that the man has turned into a zombie.


Deputy: "Stop moving!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Officer, you need help?"

Deputy: "Stay back, sir, I got this."

Leon: "Hey, hey!
Get off him, right now!"

Deputy: "Help me..."

Leon: "What the fuck...!?"

Leon S. Kennedy: 「どうかしましたか?」

Deputy: 「大丈夫だ    下がってろ」

Leon: 「おい! やめろ! 離れるんだ!」

Deputy: 「助けて…」

Leon: 「何なんだ!?」


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