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Zombie enters the dining hall 1 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil.


A Zombie walks into the dining hall, chasing Jill into the room. He is shot by Barry.


Jill: Barry?

Barry: What is it?

Jill: Watch out! It's a monster!

Barry: Let me take care of this.
Barry: What IS it?

Jill: Kenneth was killed too; maybe by this creature...
Jill: Anyway, let's report this to Wesker.

Jill: バリー

Barry: どうした

Jill: 気をつけて あいつは怪物よ!

Barry: Let me take care of this.
What IS it?

Barry: こいつは...

Jill: ケネスモ殺られていたわきつとそいつに...
ウエスカ に報告しましょぅ


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