There are several distinct types of Zombie in Resident Evil. Two of these were added in the remake.


Staff Zombie

Resident Evil 1996 - Staff Zombie on RE1MV

The "Staff Zombie", as it appears in the original Resident Evil, as shown on RE1MV.

Staff Zombies (職員ゾンビ Shokuin zonbi?) are Umbrella employees, first encountered in the Spencer Mansion. They are identifiable for their work suits.

Graveyard Zombie

Graveyard Zombies (墓場ゾンビ Hakaba zonbi?) are infected people who were buried alive and then, as Zombies, dug their way back out onto the surface. Naturally, they only appear in the graveyards. Graveyard Zombies come in two types - obese and skinny - and cannot transform into Crimson Heads.[excerpt 1]

Naked Zombie

Naked Zombies (裸ゾンビ or はだかゾンビ Hadaka zonbi?) are zombies that have been experimented on. They appear as castrated men with shaved heads and significant scarring. They also possess a slight yellowish hue. They have more health and do more damage compared to other zombies. It is interesting to note that the Naked Zombies in the remake will not turn into Crimson Heads.[excerpt 2]

Forest Zombie

Forest Speyer (フォレストゾンビ foresuto zonbi?) is a special zombie. The zombified form of S.T.A.R.S. member Forest Speyer, this Zombie can move at faster speed than normal zombies.

Bomb Zombie

Bomb Zombie (爆弾ゾンビ?) is unique to the "One Dangerous Zombie" mode. Its skin is based on Forest Speyer, but carries grenades. If he touches the player in this mode, they will die.



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  2. Excerpt from biohazard Kaitai Shinsho p.058: "服を着ておらず、 肌の色も異様に黄色っぽくなっている。 墓場ゾンビと同じく、 倒してもクリムゾン・ヘッドにならない。"
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