There are a total of fifteen Zombie types in Resident Evil 0.


Conductor Zombie

Conductor Zombie (車掌ゾンビ Shashō zonbi?) is a special type of Zombie encountered in Resident Evil 0. He is the Ecliptic Express's conductor, who has been infected with Marcus' t-Virus by leeches. If not killed, he will follow player to different rooms.[1]

Cook Zombie

Cook Zombies (コックゾンビ Kokku zonbi?) are a Zombie type in Resident Evil 0 that only appear briefly in the game, in the kitchen on board the Ecliptic Express and the kitchen in the training school.[1]

Edward Zombie

The Edward Zombie (エドワードゾンビ Edowādo zonbi?) is a zombified S.T.A.R.S. member Edward Dewey.[1]

Executive candidate Zombie

Executive candidate Zombie (幹部候補ゾンビ Kanbu kōho zonbi?) is a class of enemy exclusive to Resident Evil 0 and the Umbrella Chronicles scenarios based on it. They appear as two subtypes: "A" and "B".[1]

Hazmat Zombie

Hazmat Zombies (防護服ゾンビ Bōgo-fuku zonbi?) appears in the Umbrella Research Center complex. They are wearing protective clothing intended to prevent being infected by the t-Virus. They come in versions "A" and "B".[1]

Naked Zombie

Naked Zombies (裸ゾンビ hadaka zonbi?) are Zombies who were experimented on as an Umbrella research project. As they are found in the treatment plant, they may have been dumped there.[1]

Passenger Zombie

Passenger Zombies (乗客ゾンビ Jōkyaku zonbi?) are a type of Zombie encountered in Resident Evil 0. They are zombified Umbrella employees who were attacked by Dr. Marcus' leeches and infected with the t-Virus. Passenger Zombie appear in two subtypes, known as "A" and "B".[1]

Special Forces Zombie

Special Forces Zombies (特殊部隊ゾンビ Tokushu butai zonbi?) are zombified members of Umbrella's investigation teams sent to the training school. They appear in the first four stages of Resident Evil 0, but don't appear in the Factory or Treatment Plant. They come in three forms: "A", "B" and "C"; "A" is USS Delta Team which appears on the train, while the latter two are the investigation teams sent to the training center.[1]

Worker Zombie

The Worker Zombies (作業員ゾンビ Sagyō-in zonbi?) are ordinary Umbrella employees, working at the treatment plant when they were infected. They appear in "A" and "B" subtypes.[1]



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