Below is an assortment of Zombie types encountered in Resident Evil 2.

Female ZombieEdit

Female Zombie is a female civilian encountered on the city streets and the Raccoon Police Station.[1]

Male Zombie AEdit

Male Zombie A (男ゾンビA otoko zonbi A?) is a zombified Raccoon Police Department officer. He is recognized for his hat.[1]

Male Zombie BEdit

RE2MV - Male Zombie B

Male Zombie B

Male Zombie b (男ゾンビb otoko zonbi b?) is an Umbrella USA researcher encountered at NEST. He is wearing scrubs.[1]

Male Zombie CEdit

Male Zombie C (男ゾンビC otoko zonbi C?) is a zombified Raccoon Police Department officer. He lacks a hat,[excerpt 1] and shares the body model with Lt. Marvin Branagh.[1]

Male Zombie DEdit

Male Zombie D (男ゾンビD otoko zonbi D?) is a male civilian wearing jeans. He is encountered in the city streets and the Raccoon Police Station.[1]

Male Zombie EEdit

RE2MV - Male Zombie E

Male Zombie A

Male Zombie E (男ゾンビE otoko zonbi E?) is an Umbrella USA employee wearing a labcoat with a white nameplate over the left breast.[excerpt 2] He is encountered at NEST.[1]

Male Zombie FEdit

Male Zombie F (男ゾンビF otoko zonbi F?) is a civilian in white Y-shirt and jeans. He appears on the crashed bus.[1][excerpt 3]

Male Zombie GEdit

Male Zombie G (男ゾンビG otoko zonbi G?) is a civilian in a white Y shirt and khaki trousers.[excerpt 4] He is nearly identical to Male Zombie F.[1]

Modified ZombieEdit

RE2MV - Modified Zombie

Modified Zombie

Modified Zombie (ゾンビ改 zonbi aratame?) is a B.O.W. specimen studied at NEST. It is totally skinless with muscles fully exposed, and was likely created as part of bioweapons research. Modified Zombies have a higher attack power than any other Zombie type.[1][2][excerpt 5][excerpt 6]


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